Want to get empowered? Travel

Backpackers hiking
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Seasoned backpackers suffering from a chronic case of wanderlust know that traveling isn’t just an excuse to quit your job and live out the rest of your days on an island. Most people equate travelers to mere thrill seekers who are afraid of commitment. This cannot be further from the truth. Travelers know the healing properties travel provides to our bodies and souls. They know the importance of getting out of their comfort zones and embracing new cultures.

Still not convinced? Below are the top 6 benefits of traveling abroad:

1. More Resilience

The challenges faced in a foreign country often seemed magnified because of additional challenges such as the language barrier. A simple task like buying fruit at the local market can become impossible due to cultural differences and foreign dialect. To overcome these obstacles you must have resilience that will follow you throughout future hurdles when you go back home

2. You Become More Open To New Things

You must expose yourself to new sounds, tastes, and feelings in order to fully enjoy your traveling experience. You never know what you might love unless you take the leap of faith and try it out. Whether it’s a unique dish or saying hello to the person you have a crush on, you have to take the risk if you want to succeed. The YES attitude goes a long way to improving your life in the long run.

3. You Actually Want To Be Where the Obscurity Is

Travelling is ideally the way in which you immerse yourself into a foreign culture and allow yourself to be part of a new community. This serves to equip you for the hurdles faced in daily life. It may take the form of new seating arrangements in your home, new furniture or cooking recipes, embrace the inspiration because it has become part and parcel of you.

4. Completeness and Opportunity

Underprivileged children at school
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Travelling makes you more aware of the privileges you may be enjoying from the comfort of your home. It gives you a new perspective of how to solve problems in an open-minded way. Travelling helps you appreciate your unique skills and talents and makes you realize how best to use them. You are then able to give back to society in the best way possible.

5. You Will Have a Wide Network All Over the Globe

Travelling inspires confidence, high self-esteem, and self-love. This is because when you travel, you meet so many different kinds of people with different stories to tell. Speaking with people you don’t know helps build up your communication skills as well as your self-expression.

6. Discover Yourself

Meeting new people can help you understand yourself better. It helps you to assess how you react to stressful situations and this will help in anger management. Travelling also opens you up to adventure filled scenarios such as bungee jumping, sky diving, or surfing.

All these 6 benefits….
Will help you to “find yourself” and learn how to live with others. The trick to enjoying time spent abroad is to embrace every moment of it. This will make you stronger, more resilient and confident as well as help you rediscover yourself in a brand new way. What are you waiting for?

Happy travels. 🙂