Top 3 Places to visit in Germany

It’s one of the most beautiful countries of Europe. It’s known for its murky past and how those hard times of the 20th Century made it one of the strongest societies of today. Yes, we’re talking about Germany, a place every traveler should put on their agenda. Germany is a great example of how history and modernity can coexist, and also it’s one of the most diverse countries in the world as it has received immigrants from a lot of other countries of the world. There’s a lot to see, so if you don’t know where to start, here are the top 3 cities you must visit:


It’s one of the best examples of how Germany overcame the dark times. Long ago was known for having outstanding architecture and the most precious art galleries that fell down as a result of World War II. Dresden is back on its feet and has some beautiful places to see, such as the Grosser Garten to enjoy summer and spring walks, the Pillnitz Castle which hosts the Arts and Crafts Museum or the Frauenkirche, a Lutheran church with an outstanding climbable dome and incredible history of collapse and rebuilding.


It’s always great to visit a city that hosted the summer Olympic Games and even greater when that city is the birthplace of the well known Oktoberfest. Here you can learn about science in the Deutsches Museum which is apt for all family members. For the adults, there’s the Hofbrauhaus, a legendary brewery that’s been famous since 1589 when Munich was a monarchical state. Off course, you cannot leave Munich without having a walk through the Marienplatz where the city hall’s architecture will make you want to take a thousand pictures and having diner in the Glockenspiel will make your taste buds feel in heaven.


The German capital is a city where you can do anything, from buying a cheap but high quality water softener in the downtown to relive the history of its division near Checkpoint Charlie. You can visit the Museum Island home of a great amount of museums which hosts Greek, Roman and Egyptian antiques and other art exhibitions. Walk through the Holocaust Memorial to pay tribute to the thousands of victims of this dark page in German history and then pass by the Reichstag and the Brandenburg Gate to see the scars left by the division and how reunification healed them.