Top 3 Places to visit in Germany

It’s one of the most beautiful countries of Europe. It’s known for its murky past and how those hard times of the 20th Century made it one of the strongest societies of today. Yes, we’re talking about Germany, a place every traveler should put on their agenda. Germany is a great example of how history and modernity can coexist, and also it’s one of the most diverse countries in the world as it has received immigrants from a lot of other countries of the world. There’s a lot to see, so if you don’t know where to start, here are the top 3 cities you must visit:


It’s one of the best examples of how Germany overcame the dark times. Long ago was known for having outstanding architecture and the most precious art galleries that fell down as a result of World War II. Dresden is back on its feet and has some beautiful places to see, such as the Grosser Garten to enjoy summer and spring walks, the Pillnitz Castle which hosts the Arts and Crafts Museum or the Frauenkirche, a Lutheran church with an outstanding climbable dome and incredible history of collapse and rebuilding.


It’s always great to visit a city that hosted the summer Olympic Games and even greater when that city is the birthplace of the well known Oktoberfest. Here you can learn about science in the Deutsches Museum which is apt for all family members. For the adults, there’s the Hofbrauhaus, a legendary brewery that’s been famous since 1589 when Munich was a monarchical state. Off course, you cannot leave Munich without having a walk through the Marienplatz where the city hall’s architecture will make you want to take a thousand pictures and having diner in the Glockenspiel will make your taste buds feel in heaven.


The German capital is a city where you can do anything, from buying a cheap but high quality water softener in the downtown to relive the history of its division near Checkpoint Charlie. You can visit the Museum Island home of a great amount of museums which hosts Greek, Roman and Egyptian antiques and other art exhibitions. Walk through the Holocaust Memorial to pay tribute to the thousands of victims of this dark page in German history and then pass by the Reichstag and the Brandenburg Gate to see the scars left by the division and how reunification healed them.

Places to Visit in the Netherlands

While Amsterdam is the most visited and best-known city and tourist attraction in the Netherlands, there are so many exciting locations for a traveler to visit when they set foot in Holland. Visit the great museums and art galleries, see the dikes that hold back the sea and marvel at the flowers all over the land, and do not leave without cycling the capital.

Here are some interesting places you should visit when you get to Holland:

1.      The Amsterdam canals

Amsterdam Canals

Amsterdam is the capital city of Holland. It is sometimes referred to as the ‘Venice of the north’ due to its many canal channels. You can take a boat ride and tour the canals or take a stroll down small streets that line the waterways. You can also visit the small shops, cafés, and gardens.

2.     Keukenhof

The Garden of Europe

This is also known as the garden of Europe. It lies on the outskirts of Lisse and is known for its beautiful flowers especially tulips. Keukenhof is the largest public garden in the world and covers over 70 acres.

3.     The Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

This is also known as the Dutch national museum and is located in Amsterdam. The museum has a large collection of art, books, and antiquities. The museum also displays an impressive account of the art and cultural development in Netherlands.

4.     Hoge Veluwe National Park

Hoge Veluwe National Park

This park is located between Arnhem and Apeldoorn. The park boasts of dense woodlands and an impressive number of red and roe deer. Some of the activities done are bird watching, bike riding, and hiking.

5.     Anne Frank Museum

Anne Frank Museum, Amsterdam

If you don’t know the story of Anne Frank then you are missing out on an important part of history. Talk of a brave girl who together with her family, had to run for their lives from Frankfurt, Germany during the 2nd world war. Her diary detailing her experiences which have been published in many languages. The Anne Frank museum is where this little girl and her family took refuge and hid for their lives.

6.     The windmills of Kinderdijk

The Windmills of Kinderdijk

These windmills were built back in the 18th century. They are found in the village of Kinderdijk along river Noord. The windmills are 19 in total and are opened for public viewing.

7.     Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

This museum has been ranked 35th globally and is located in Amsterdam. It is home to the largest collection of Van Gogh paintings in the world.

8.    Historic Valkenburg

Historic Valkenburg

This is a romantic little town located in the Geul valley. It boasts of many medieval buildings such as the 12th-century ruins of the castle on Dwingelrots, the St. Nicholas Basilica and the Valkenburg Hilltop Castle.

9.     Zeeland’s spectacular dikes

Zeeland's Spectacular Dikes

Zeeland incorporates all the numerous islands and peninsula southwest of Netherlands. This area is below sea level and thus has to rely on its impressive dikes to keep the sea water at bay. This project has been declared one of the seven wonders of the world.

10. Kasteel De Haar

Kasteel De Haar

This is the largest fortification in the country. It is located near the old city of Utrecht. This castle was built in the 14th century by PJH Kuyper’s. It has an impressive selection of antiques, furniture, paintings, and tapestry

I hope this article has been an inspiration to visit the Netherlands. Happy travels. J





Money Tips when Traveling Abroad

Two travelers waliking dowmn an alley
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Travelling to different countries is a fun and adventurous activity. There is only one thing that can make your experience not be so fun and that is money matters. Here are some tips to take with you wherever you go that will ensure you enjoy yourself but not hurt your pocket in the process.

1. Tell your bank you are traveling

This will ensure that you don’t get your accounts frozen because you tried to access them from a different country. If you don’t inform your bank that you are traveling, they will take it as a case of identity theft and freeze the accounts to protect you.

2. Find out what the bank policy is in case of emergency

In case you lose your credit or debit cards, how long does it take your bank to replace them. If it’s more than a day just ensure you carry backup cards.

3. Avoid changing currency at the airport

At the airport, you will always get bad exchange rates which will leave you with less money than you should have. Just change your money at the local bank as soon as you can.

4. Get cash from an ATM immediately after landing

This will ensure you have enough cash in case of an emergency to take care of a day or two.

5. Pay with credit at hotels and restaurants

This will ensure that you don’t lose too much cash. Your credit card company will only charge you up to 3 percent for each transaction while some credit card company won’t even charge you any additional costs.

6. Insist on being billed in local currency

When you allow yourself to be billed in your country’s own currency you will end up paying more than you should. This is because of the different exchange rates. The seller will always give you a bad rate so as to benefit more from you. Also, your bank won’t treat the transaction as a foreign transaction and thus won’t pay any extra costs.

7. Practice safe ATM and debit card swipage

Always avoid swiping your card in shady looking machines. Ensure you always take cash from a bank ATM to ensure that you don’t get robbed or get your card stolen.

8. Skip the traveler’s checks

These checks have bad exchange rates and you will end up getting less money than you should have. They are also charged with a 3-6 percent service charge when processed. So just carry your plastic cards it’s easier.

9. Don’t convert excess currency into cash

You should instead spend it while you are still in the country or if you plan to visit again, save the currency for the next trip.

10. Prepare for smart card debacles

You may travel to a country that uses smart cards for payment while you are still using the magnetic strip cards. Don’t worry if they accept Visa or MasterCard they are obligated to accept your card.

I hope this article was to your liking and was helpful. Happy travels. 🙂



Want to get empowered? Travel

Backpackers hiking

Seasoned backpackers suffering from a chronic case of wanderlust know that traveling isn’t just an excuse to quit your job and live out the rest of your days on an island. Most people equate travelers to mere thrill seekers who are afraid of commitment. This cannot be further from the truth. Travelers know the healing properties travel provides to our bodies and souls. They know the importance of getting out of their comfort zones and embracing new cultures.

Still not convinced? Below are the top 6 benefits of traveling abroad:

1. More Resilience

The challenges faced in a foreign country often seemed magnified because of additional challenges such as the language barrier. A simple task like buying fruit at the local market can become impossible due to cultural differences and foreign dialect. To overcome these obstacles you must have resilience that will follow you throughout future hurdles when you go back home

2. You Become More Open To New Things

You must expose yourself to new sounds, tastes, and feelings in order to fully enjoy your traveling experience. You never know what you might love unless you take the leap of faith and try it out. Whether it’s a unique dish or saying hello to the person you have a crush on, you have to take the risk if you want to succeed. The YES attitude goes a long way to improving your life in the long run.

3. You Actually Want To Be Where the Obscurity Is

Travelling is ideally the way in which you immerse yourself into a foreign culture and allow yourself to be part of a new community. This serves to equip you for the hurdles faced in daily life. It may take the form of new seating arrangements in your home, new furniture or cooking recipes, embrace the inspiration because it has become part and parcel of you.

4. Completeness and Opportunity

Underprivileged children at school

Travelling makes you more aware of the privileges you may be enjoying from the comfort of your home. It gives you a new perspective of how to solve problems in an open-minded way. Travelling helps you appreciate your unique skills and talents and makes you realize how best to use them. You are then able to give back to society in the best way possible.

5. You Will Have a Wide Network All Over the Globe

Travelling inspires confidence, high self-esteem, and self-love. This is because when you travel, you meet so many different kinds of people with different stories to tell. Speaking with people you don’t know helps build up your communication skills as well as your self-expression.

6. Discover Yourself

Meeting new people can help you understand yourself better. It helps you to assess how you react to stressful situations and this will help in anger management. Travelling also opens you up to adventure filled scenarios such as bungee jumping, sky diving, or surfing.

All these 6 benefits….
Will help you to “find yourself” and learn how to live with others. The trick to enjoying time spent abroad is to embrace every moment of it. This will make you stronger, more resilient and confident as well as help you rediscover yourself in a brand new way. What are you waiting for?

Happy travels. 🙂

Best cities to visit during the summer time in the USA

One thing that we all know is that when it is summer in America, the one thing that we want to do is to go on holiday. However, there are such a large variety of cities and places that you can visit, that it can be hard to choose which summer destination is going to be best for you and your family. Some prefer beach holidays, while other prefers destinations where they can escape the city noise. Here are a couple of cities and destinations that you can consider when you looking for a summer holiday in America:


Are you looking for a summer holiday where you can have fun like river rafting and other kind of adventures? Then you should make a booking at Arizona. This is the one destination that isn’t on the beach that is offering some great adventures in and out of water.

There is something to do for the whole family, even if the older children are those that will enjoy the adventures that Arizona has to offer. This is a great summer destination, but not really great for winter time.


For a whole different summer holiday, you should consider Arkansas. This is because there are a couple of trails that you can walk. Making this a walking summer holiday where you and your family can spend some time in nature without technology.

The best way of making sure that you are working on your family relationships and to make sure that your family is talking to each other again.

San Francisco

For a beach holiday and to make sure that you and your family aren’t bored this summer, you should consider going to San Francisco. There are a large variety of beaches that you can visit and many, resorts that you can make your bookings.

This is one of those holidays where you can take your whole family for fun and adventure. There are water sports, great shopping centers and even time to just sit back and enjoy the sound of the waves.

When it is summer time in America, the one thing that everyone is thinking about is where to go on holiday. There are so many options for summer holidays, that making the right decision can be hard and frustrating. These three places are summer destinations where you can do different activities. The one has water sport and activities available while the other one is offering some great hikes. Then, there is San Francisco, where you can swim and enjoy the sun and waves of the ocean. No matter what you prefer, you will find a great destination and city to go to, during this summer.