Why Virgin Mobile Is So Popular?


Did you know that virgin mobile network covers about 99% of UK? And yes, it is the most popular mobile phone company in UK. Launched in the year 1999, virgin mobile has managed to climb up the radar to the top of the market. Perhaps the question lingering in your mind at the moment is how it got there and what makes it so popular. If that is the case, then we are together on that. For that reason, lets delve into the nitty-gritty of its operations to try and unveil the answers to these questions. Let’s look at virgin mobile internet for mobile phones and why this company is so popular.


Phone in the dark

Although virgin mobile offers free Wi-Fi which means that their subscribers can browse the internet freely at any time, there are several shortcomings when it comes to their internet for mobile phones. One, there is no 4G for Virgin mobiles. Lack of 4G on their mobile devices means that speed as well access to internet is limited. Their customers have to use 3G network which is too slow compared to 4G. This makes virgin mobile quite inconvenient when it comes to access to the internet for its customers.

Another unpleasant aspect of virgin mobile’s internet is the fact that it does not provide for tethering. With the benefits that come with ability to turn a mobile device into a hotspot for internet access, this is such a hurdle for virgin mobile customers. This makes it quite unsuitable for internet purposes.

Virgin mobile does not provide unlimited data platform. This is yet another issue about virgin mobile’s internet that makes it quite unsuitable for its customer. Inability to have access to unlimited data means that the customers cannot browse the internet freely. This is such a hiccup to them.



With the above hurdles, what makes this company popular in UK? One of the factors that make it quite popular is the fact that its network covers like 99% of UK therefore making it quite popular with the people. This is because one does not need to swap sim-cards whenever they are travelling to a different region. Customer support is available 24/7 and if you have any problems with internet, feel free to call virgin mobile customer service.

Another reason is the fact that there are no limits on the texts one sends in a day. This means that one can send as much texts as they wish to. This makes it quite popular.

Its flexible monthly tariff is yet another factor which has constituted to its being popular in UK. It provides one with an opportunity to upsize or downsize on a monthly basis making it quite flexible.


How To Choose The Best Internet Mobile Phone


Surfing the web using mobile phone is one of the most popular things that people around are doing. And it can’t be denied that internet has been playing a great role in the lives of different individuals including the teenagers, students and even those who are in the business industries.

Most of teenagers devoted much time on following their favorite celebrities on tweeter, updating their facebook status, downloading their favorite songs and games and even watching videos on youtube. Through internet, student can conveniently and easily do their research without leaving their house…and…business personalities can do their transactions anytime anywhere.


Technology is giving us more convenience by creating ways to enjoy surfing the web using our mobile phones. And because many of us can easily access the internet through it, the number of users also increased. And this increase of mobile phone users, motivated telecommunication companies to develop high-ends mobile phone offering different advanced features that suits user’s preference.
Along with the birth of state-of-the-art mobile phones in the market IS the existence of wide variety of mobile apps that will enable us to maximize the use of the gadget.


If you are still undecided on which among the leading brands of mobile phones you’re going to purchase, there are a lot of ways to help you on that. These pointers below will surely help you whether you are seasoned buyer or just a first timer on buying mobile phone.

  • Decide on how much you’re willing to spend for your new mobile phone.If you are on tight budget; it’s better to consider last year’s top phones. They are less expensive but perform better than any new mid-range phones around. But if you want latest and updated features, then you can choose among the year’s top phones. And to help you decide which is which, you can go through several reviews on each brand available online.
  • Decide on the size of your phone
    You also need to decide on what will be the size of the phone you want before purchasing it. If you prefer to have a great experience on watching videos, then, you might consider the large-screened which measured 5.5 inches and above. And if you want one that is practical for fingers and pockets but still performs well for browsing, games etc., then, 4.5 and 5.1 inches is a good way to go.
  • Try to consider the one with extra features
    Add-ons like microSD cards slots, fingerprint scanner, NFC, and water-resistance should be considered before you decide to purchase the mobile phone.


Internet has brought us more advantages and it would be best if we can have it on the go. And thanks to technology and those companies that made it possible. Now, we can continue surfing the web, shopping online, downloading games and songs, updating on social media and even doing business transactions using mobile phone. To maximize the goodness that technology brought by technology on our mobile phone, we need to select the brand that will suit your preference.

Virgin Mobile Internet For Mobile Phones


About Virgin Mobile

This is a sophisticated company that is concerned with providing ultra-high speed internet or data packs for mobile phones and related gadgets. Some of the other services that are offered by this awesome company include the options for international calling, digital and interesting games, strong mobile hotspots, and music among other services. Therefore if you are looking for the same services, you are fortunate to find this invaluable company that offers the same at affordable costs.

Why Virgin Mobile is popular?

Social media on smartphone

As a matter of fact, this is a popular company that has gained the great demand and top share in the world market. Due to the digitization and modernity, the advancement in technology has made the world a global village. That means, the world has become small since you can access it and know what is happening around the world just by use of a mobile phone. In this case, virgin mobile has been known to provide best and reliable services of the same and thus has made it top-drawer on the market.

What else?

Of course, there are so many things that make Virgin Mobile a popular company. Factually, for any other company to rise and gain world recognition, there must be always something good that differentiates it from the rest. Therefore, some of the few distinctions that separate Virgin Mobile Company from the rest include:

1. Optus 4G Plus network

Ideally, this is one of the recent improvements in the internet industry. The 4G plus network that is provided by the company is one of the fastest ever and you can use it to surf without having to spend a lot of time loading a simple document.

2. Free voicemail services

Virgin Mobile has been offering this service for the past ten years and has been so reliable, convenient and effective. Normally, voicemail services that are provided by most of the companies charge some amount per unit time. Fortunately, this company has been providing the same for free and thus has attracted so many clients.


3. Data rollover

This is one of the awesome benefits that you get by choosing Virgin Mobile services. Data rollover here means that, if you fail to finish your data for the previous month, the company can give you another chance in the following month to use your data. This sounds great as it does not always happen with the other companies.

Therefore, if you are looking for the same services, Virgin Mobile is the way to go. In this case, reliability is always guaranteed.